But in another way I knew I wasn’t happy there

British wrestler Chief Deputy Dunne on quitting his day job and rubbing shoulders with WWE legend Shawn Michaels

Anti Fun Police star speaks exclusively to Mirror about pivotal decisionGet canada goose outlet nyc daily news goose outlet canada updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailAs a lifelong fan of WWE, the British wrestler known as Chief Deputy Dunne always wanted to step into the canada goose black friday sale squared circle.When he turned 18, he began to train at Midlands Professional Wrestling in Coventry, then just over a year later made his debut.At the same time, he started working as an auditor and, for 12 canada goose outlet canada years, he juggled a full time office job with life on the canada goose outlet store pro wrestling circuit.But not content with keeping his grappling exploits contained to the weekends, in June he announced he was leaving the office for good.NXT UK stars Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate say being in WWE 2K19 a dream canada goose outlet reviews come true(Image: BEYOND GORILLA)Now the 31 year old, real name Damian McKeown, is living out his dream working for some of the best independent promotions in canada goose outlet toronto factory the UK.And since deciding to make the leap, No Fun Dunne’s faith has been rewarded with a role in WWE’s first NXT UK TV tapings in Cambridge in July.In an exclusive interview with Mirror ‘s Tony Quant, the Anti Fun Police tag team member discussed what led canada goose factory outlet to him making the decision, the support he received from his friends and peers, his thoughts on the current UK landscape and much more.When is WWE Hell in a Cell 2018? Live stream details, TV channel, full card, canada goose outlet uk UK start time and more(Image: BEYOND GORILLA)As of June 11 this year, canada goose outlet store uk you gave up your full time job to canada goose outlet become a full time professional wrestler. How hard was it to make that decision? In some ways it was very hard decision to make in the sense of security and finances. I have been working in offices for over 12 years and this particular job I https://www.canadagoosejacketonlines.ca had been in same company for over 10 years. I have been very comfortable in that environment and canada goose outlet uk sale made lots of friends. canada goose outlet new york city Also the company had invested a lot of time and resources into furthering me as a professional. After all that time and effort, for me to canada goose outlet online uk leave it was a hard decision to make.But in another way I knew I wasn’t happy there, and that is nothing against the people or the company, but I just wasn’t enjoying office work and it wasn’t something I set out to do. Wrestling full time has always been my dream. Wrestling had been picking up for me and had gone from being a hobby to something I was going out every weekend and doing and I knew canada goose outlet sale I couldn’t feasibly do both, I knew I had to pick one and that was an easy decision.I’m assuming your company knew you were a wrestler how did they react to the news canada goose outlet online you were leaving? Yeah I mean it wasn’t something that I tried to hide! And if any of them had me added on any social media they couldn’t help but know. A lot of them were curious, some liked the idea, whereas others were critical and didn’t understand it. I was always getting asked official canada goose outlet standard questions like “did you win?” or “are you in pain?” Most people knew I did it.Was the strength of the current British wrestling scene one of the main drivers as to why you could make the decision to become a full time professional wrestler? It definitely helped. With pro wrestling the way it was few years ago, the idea to make a full time living may have been possible for a small number of people, but if you had a mortgage and bills, it canada goose outlet shop wasn’t something you could do. This massive boom period has given people so many more opportunities, it’s not now just about working three shows over the weekends. There are shows on Monday and Tuesday nights now and these are not just small shows, some promotions are drawing hundreds to thousands of people on mid week. The strength of the scene has definitely made it more feasible to make a living out of it.Can you recall a time where you had to perhaps pass on an opportunity because of the day job? There is nothing that springs to mind in terms of actually having to pass on opportunities, but there were times where I have had to use most of annual leave to do wrestling shows. I do remember when they had just announced the first WWE UK tournament and I was sat at work when it all kicked off.All my friends were in London at the O2, dressed in suits, hanging out with Triple H and being announced for tournaments, and I was sat at work. It was the same time that a whole bunch of other canada goose outlet black friday friends were working the camps and so I had half of them being announced for tournaments and then looking on social media at the others who were all at the beach having a great time. It canada goose outlet parka certainly caused me to be distracted at work!First 75 superstars on WWE 2K19 video game roster revealed(Image: BEYOND GORILLA)With such a huge decision to make, I assume there was a lot of confiding in others around you. Eddie Dennis earlier in the year made a similar decision to leave his post as a school teacher. Was Eddie one of those people you sought advice from? I have known Eddie for many years and so when he made his decision I had spoken to him about it and he had told me to do it. He left a job as canada goose outlet a private school teacher, a job that would have paid very well, and that definitely inspired me. I also spoke to many other wrestlers, like my former tag partner [WWE UK Champion] Pete Dunne who is someone I have known since the age of 13. Everyone told me to do it. Having that support from those people who are so popular and doing so well across the world definitely helped.It’s still relatively early days, but is there any ounce of regret? No I wouldn’t say there are any regrets. Now I am canada goose outlet jackets full time, I am definitely having to look more at my finances a bit more and being more cautious with that. But I knew it was something that canada goose outlet in usa I wanted to do, even though I didn’t have courage to do it sooner. I have taken a bit of time to go on holiday and refresh and when I came back I just went straight back into it. Not having a full time job has given me more opportunities though and I am doing a lot more mid week stuff.

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